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Arissto Coffee Charity Challenge

ARISSTO Coffee Charity Challenge invites you to compare our all-new Italian premium coffee and your favourite traditional coffee. In this challenge, you can help the poor to get clean water and find out your dream coffee at the same time. Let’s enjoy the coffee and make the better world.

How to participate?

  • Simply online register.
  • Select your favourite coffee, the time and venue of the challenge.
  • Our coffee ambassadors will bring our all-new Italian premium coffee to your place and make the challenge.
  • You can instantly compare and judge on the taste, purity, strength and aroma of the coffees and upload the challenge photos to Facebook:

ARISSTO will donate our promotion budgets to an international charity organization, charity:water.
For each of your participation will help one poor child to get the clean water for a year. We sincerely invite you to join such meaningful coffee charity.

ARISSTO Coffee Charity Challenge Registration