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Own an Online Cafe

This will「NOT」get you rich fast, but you can make more friends and earn up to RM20,000/month

This is a beautiful coffee affiliate business. Our coffee is a revolutionary coffee product that you will get fascinated easily. It doesn’t compete with traditional coffee and there are more than 200 million people crazy about this revolutionary coffee in Europe. We believe there will be over 9 million Malaysian fall in love with it.

This is a beautiful small business,「NOT」to get you rich fast! However, if you like coffee, making friends, seeing others happy, responsible and reliable, this coffee business could be it. You could potentially earn up to RM20,000/month and make your life more beautiful.

What’s so special about our coffee business? That is, you don’t need to hard-sell. This business itself is so fascinating that people will love it for long term naturally. You will only need to promote our 「FREE Experience」campaign online or offline to get more customers and earn a stable income. Though RM20,000/month may not make you a millionaire, yet it could make your life more beautiful.

This beautiful small business doesn’t need a big capital. Only at RM1000-RM3000, you can own a coffee business of your own. It’s simply perfect for those looking for「part time」income or those who has interest in coffee business.

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